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Over the past few years, it’s been common to hear defenders of social media censorship retort to those who complain about, “Twitter is a private company, and they can ban whom they want.  If you don’t like it, go start your own Twitter!” 

One interesting aspect of this argument is that those who made it generally were individuals who were not known to respect laissez-faire capitalism or private property.  In fact, they tended to be socialists of one stripe or another. 

Those who complained about the censorship, generally those people who tended to favor political and economic liberty, then were wrongfooted.  Either they felt they had to call for government regulation of social media, which contradicted their free market principles or to make charges that the government was behind the censorship, at which point they’d be called “conspiracy theorists.”

“Conspiracy theorist” is one of those terms that seemingly everyone wants to avoid.  “I’m by no means a conspiracy theorist,” is a common turn of phrase people will use when they’re about to introduce an idea that sounds like a conspiracy theory.  It’s as if to believe in conspiracies is the very height of ignorance, and that one must deny conspiracies exist if he wants to remain a member of society in good standing. 

But conspiracies do exist and are even recognized in criminal law.  In many Western nations, one can be charged with conspiracy to commit murder.  In the Bible, we find many conspiracies. When Absalom sought to overthrow David, his plot was rightly described in the King James Bible as a conspiracy.  Twice, the Apostle Paul found himself the object of conspiracies to kill him.  The arrest and crucifixion of Christ was the culmination of a three-year-long conspiracy by the Jewish religious leaders to get rid of the man they perceived, rightly, as a threat to their power.  Doubtless, other examples of conspiracies can be found in the Bible, but these should be sufficient to make the point that conspiracies are not a figment of the imagination, but a documented historical reality. 

If he has done nothing else, Elon Musk has exposed for all the world to see that the “conspiracy theorists” were right.  As the Twitter Files have revealed, the government was deeply involved in the social media censorship business.  Not that there was any lack of evidence of this previously.  For example, the New York Post ran a headline on July 15, 2021, that read, “White House ‘flagging’ posts for Facebook to censor over COVID ‘misinformation.’” The Independent ran a piece on February 3, 2022, with the headline, “White House urges Spotify to take further action on Joe Rogan: “More can be done.’”  Why did the White House want Spotify to censor Joe Rogan?  It was due to the popular podcaster’s explosive interview with Dr. Robert Malone, who among other things, called the hysteria over Covid an example of “mass formation psychosis.” 

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“These companies need to have some other North Star than just making money and increasing profit shares,” former President Barack Obama said in a speech at Stanford University. Twitter’s all-out attempt to keep Elon Musk from buying the platform exposes Obama’s comments as so much “misinformation.” Credit…Jim Wilson/The New York Times

“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech.”

  • The First Amendment to the Constitution

As our once free nation continues to sink under the weight of evil, anti-Christian ideas put into practice by an evil, ungodly governing class, it’s worth taking a moment to review the Biblical roots of one of our most cherished and important God-given and constitutionally guaranteed rights.  The right of free speech.   

Just last week, former President Barak Obama gave a speech in which he once again called for government regulation of social media platforms.  “People are dying,” the former president told us, “because of misinformation.”

Misinformation is bad, according to Obama. And misinformation must be stopped.

Using as an excuse prior unconstitutional regulatory exercises of federal government power, Obama proposed called for the regulation of the social media companies to stop the spread of “toxic information.”

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Washington’s Crocodile Tears Over Ukraine’s Destruction” by Daniel McAdams, Ron Paul Institute, 2/25/2022

Truth and Foreign Policy” by John W. Robbins, The Trinity Review, March/April 1991

The Messianic Character of American Foreign Policy” by John W. Robbins, September/October 1990

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White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on July 16, 2021 (Photo by BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbour:  for we are members of one another.

  • Ephesians 4:25

“There has to be, I think, some sort of way  in which we can sort through information that passes some basic truthiness tests and those that we have to discard, because they just don’t have any basis in anything that’s actually happening in the world.” 

These words are from a speech by Barak Obama in October 2016, just a few weeks before Donald Trump shocked the world by winning his presidential campaign over the establishment endorsed Hillary Clinton.

In the same speech, Obama went on to deny that he was calling for censorship, noting, “The answer is obviously not censorship, but it’s creating places where people can say ‘this is reliable’ and I’m still able to argue safely abut facts and what we should do about it.” 

Nearly five years later, it’s fair to say that quite obviously Obama and others of his political persuasion were talking about censorship, and this became clear enough last week that even the most ardent deniers of the big government/big tech censorship complex have not excuse for missing the Biden regime’s full-bore attack on the First Amendment. 

Just last week, Biden regime official propagandist Jen Psaki stunned many observers with her admission that the administration is flagging posts for Facebook that are “problematic” because they contain “misinformation” on Covid-19.    

In the same press conference, Psaki voiced her displeasure that Facebook was not deplatforming spreaders of “misinformation” fast enough for her, and presumably, for her boss’s tastes.  She said, “there’s about 12 people who are producing 65 percent of the anti-vaccine misinformation on social media platforms.  All of them remain active on Facebook, despite some even being banned on other platforms, including Facebook – ones that Facebook owns.”

If all that wasn’t enough, Psaki was at it again the next day.  In a Friday 7/17 press conference she offered that, “You shouldn’t be banned from one platform and not other if you – for providing misinformation out there.” 

As the saying goes, I need new conspiracy theories, because all my old ones are coming true.

Seriously, people have speculated for years that the Deep State has been behind much, if not all, of the social media censorship.  But this is right in your face government censorship.  We have what is, in my opinion, an illegitimate government installed through election fraud stomping on the right of American’s to freely access information on a matter that affects all our lives.   

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Panopticon_5.jpgEnglish philosopher Jeremy Bentham is best known today for his utilitarian ethics, in which he posited that “the greatest happiness of the greatest number is the measure of right and wrong.” This of course is far from Christian ethics which posits that the law of God is the measure of right and wrong.

Perhaps less well known is that Bentham left directions that, upon his death, his body was to be publicly dissected and his head mummified.

His requests were dutifully carried out, and the philosopher’s mummified haed actually was for many years put on public display at University College London.

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Eventually, the head became the object of student pranks and was removed from public view.

The college administrators who made this decision apparently did not share Bentham’s utilitarian ethics. Had they done so, they would have been forced to leave his head on public display, subject as it was to all manner of abuse. After all, Bentham’s mummified noggin provided far more happiness to far more people when it was available to the student pranksters than it ever did after it was locked away.

But there’s another development for which Bentham is famous. Oddly enough, it’s for an idea he had for a new type of prison that he called the Panopticon.

In Bentham’s words, the Panopticon was,

A building circular… The prisoners in their cells, occupying the circumference – The officers in the centre. By blinds and other contrivances, the Inspectors concealed… from the observation of the prisoners: hence the sentiment of a sort of omnipresence – The whole circuit reviewable with little, or…without any, change of place. Once station in the inspection part affording the most perfect view of every cell.

Admittedly, Bentham’s design was rather ingenious. But the idea of an all seeing eye in a guard tower, men who had the power to obverse all while they themselves remained unobservable, that’s just a bit creepy.

Thankfully, we don’t have to deal with this kind of surveillance in our everyday lives. Or do we?


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Well, we had quite a week this past week. Crooked Hillary became deplorable Hillary became collapsing Hillary. The tide bad economic data kept rolling in. There was more evidence (as if we needed any) that there is very little of Christianity left in our nation’s mainstream culture.

Deplorable Hillary

For someone who’s always seemed to lack a sense of humor, Hillary managed to inject a healthy dose of LOL humor last week with her “basket of deplorables” speech. Based on her comments, about 25% of the US population qualified for deplorable status due to their, drum roll please, racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia and/or whateverophobia.

For my part, I’m glad she said what she said and don’t think she should take back any of it. I rather enjoy it when people speak their mind. At least we know where we all stand. In that regard, it’s a bit like Obama’s “‘bitterly clinging to their guns and religion” comments a few years back. Hillary was trying to gain SJW street cred with her LGBT friends and Barbara Streisand. And who am I to deny her such an honor?

Of course, this is a bit self-serving on my part. After all, I find her lying, war-mongering, Saul Alinsky loving, oligarch schmoozing, feminist, anti-American, crony capitalist, charity fraudster self to be not a little deplorable, and, as I would like to preserve my right to say so, I’m more than willing to grant her free rein to bare her soul to the world.

It was the very next day that Hillary collapsed like the twin towers at the 911 ceremony in New York. We can only hope that her campaign does likewise.

As a closing thought on the Hillary, I believe that while it is necessary to point out her many lies, appalling record as Secretary of State, and ideological unfitness to serve as president, it is not sufficient. There are many outlets capable of doing that. As I have pointed out elsewhere, as a Christian I must also object to the idea of a woman president. Period. As Isaiah tells us, female rulers are a sign, not of a healthy society, but of a ruined nation. Only by pointing out this rather unpopular point can a Christian writer be said to have done his job with respect to Mrs. Clinton’s campaign.


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Obama at White House .png

President Obama during a news conference at the White House

It’s been another tough week to be a Christian in America. Lately, there seem to be more and more such weeks. It gets to be a bit tiresome. But more than that, it can get to be downright depressing.

I’m referring, as you may have guessed, to the latest example of our federal government calling good evil and evil good, this time in the form of “guidance” to educational institutions about how to handle issues concerning transgender students.

The guidance was released on Friday, 5/13 in a letter signed by officials from not one, but two cabinet level departments, the Department of Justice and Department of Education. You can read the full text of the letter here.

The practical result of the guidance from the Obama administration, if it is applied, is, among other things, to open to open what are currently women’s only restrooms, locker rooms and sports teams to transgender women (a transgender woman is a person born male but who identifies as a female, a so-called woman trapped in a man’s body).

To put it more bluntly, the Obama administration believes that men should be able to use the women’s restroom.

Obama, it would seem, is willing to pay any price and bear any burden in the unrelenting pursuit of dumping as much moral filth on America as possible before his term expires.

And from all appearances, he’s succeeding admirably.

But how did it come to this? How is it possible for something so manifestly wrong to seem like the very height of wisdom to many in our society?

Philosophically, it would seem that the groundwork for this was laid in the 19th century. Soren Kierkegaard famously located truth in the “infinite passion” of the individual believer rather than in any objective standard outside of him. From this we get the popular notion that it matters not what a man believes, so long as he is sincere.

Twentieth century existentialists bear some responsibility here as well.  According to existentialist  Simone de Beauvoir, “One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman.”  In other words, what we are is not a matter of how God created us, which is the Christian view, but instead a result of the choices we make.

This is a prescription for madness. It’s also complete nonsense.

In our sinful, fallen world, it is an easy thing to find people who sincerely believe all manner of nonsense. One man imagines he’s Julius Caesar, another that he’s Napoleon Bonaparte. But so what? There’s no great movement to accommodate such individuals. We may humor them. We may pray for them. If they’re a danger to themselves or to others, we may commit them to an institution. But there is no reason to take their claims seriously. And almost no one does.

But there’s an even better tool for refuting the claims of those unfortunates under the sway of the erroneous notions of contemporary gender studies.

The Word of God tells us plainly that God created man male and female. Further it states in plain language that homosexual and transgender behavior is sinful. It doesn’t take a Luther or a Calvin to understand this. Any ordinary, honest Christian with a Bible can prove it.

The Bible alone is the Word of God and it has a monopoly on truth. And all the incessant talk about the supposed civil rights of men trapped in women’s’ bodies or women trapped in men’s bodies is, to borrow a Biblical turn of phrase, imagining a vain thing. There are no such persons.

I doubt not but that there are those in the transgender community who sincerely believe their own rhetoric. As Christians and fellow sinners, we ought to pray for them. We ought to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to them. Perhaps God in his grace will save some. But there is no compelling reason to listen to them, or to those in government who seek further to push the ungodly transgender agenda on our nation.

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