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It’s been some time since I’ve written specifically on Covid.  If I had to give you a reason, I’d say because I’m thoroughly tired of hearing about it.

My stance on Covid since very early on in this so-called pandemic has been that it is an operation carried out by some very nefarious characters apparently for the purpose of implementing control over society with vaccine passports and dealing out rewards to those who are compliant and punishments to those who are not. 

There may be other reasons for the pandemic hoax as well.  Some have speculated that it’s an attempt at depopulation, and this may very well be the case. 

It could be that there are other purposes as well.  One could write at great length on the topic of just who it is who’s pushing the pandemic and what their motives are.  That’s a worthwhile pursuit, but it’s not my purpose in this blog post.

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