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Ukrainian tanks move into the city of Mariupol on Thursday after Russian President Vladimir Putin authorized his military to move into eastern Ukraine. Reuters.

“Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”

  • Matthew 7:12

In his essay “The Religious Wars of the 21st Century,” John Robbins wrote, “The conservative movement in the United States has abandoned the American (and Biblical) foreign policy of strategic independence pursued by our government since 1776 for a policy of global interventionism that has angered many foreign nations and peoples, most recently the Muslims.”

To our 21st century ears, the idea of conducting a foreign policy of “strategic independence,”, a foreign policy that avoids foreign entanglements, minds one’s own business, and treats other nations in the same way we’d like to be treated, sounds strange. 

Growing up as I did during the Cold War, I thought it was perfectly normal to have American troops stationed all over the world.  Germany, Japan, Korea, and many other nations all were occupied by American forces. 

Although I dreaded the idea of the military draft as a young man, had you asked me at the time I would have said I supported it as it was all about doing my duty. 

It was only later after I became a Christian and after I read the work of John Robbins, that I began to develop a Biblical view of foreign policy.

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Washington’s Crocodile Tears Over Ukraine’s Destruction” by Daniel McAdams, Ron Paul Institute, 2/25/2022

Truth and Foreign Policy” by John W. Robbins, The Trinity Review, March/April 1991

The Messianic Character of American Foreign Policy” by John W. Robbins, September/October 1990

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