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Joe Biden greets U.S. Border Patrol agents along a stretch of the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso Texas, Sunday, Jan. 8, 2023. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

“We are Republicans, and don’t propose to leave our party and identify ourselves with the party whose antecedents have been rum, Romanism, and rebellion.  We are loyal to our flag.”

  • Dr. Samuel D. Burchard, Presbyterian Minister and Union Civil War Veteran

For the first time in his nearly 2 years in office, Joe Biden will visit America’s southwestern border today to lie to the American people once again about what he and his Regime are doing to destroy the nation that he supposedly represents through the policy of mass, welfare migration. 

As America’s second Roman Catholic president, Joe Biden has wasted no time implementing the welfare immigration program of the Antichrist Roman Catholic Church-State, a program designed to weaken and subvert the United States and to strengthen the hand of the Vatican in the internal affairs of the nation.  The goal of this program is to render the United States ungovernable and fold it into a regional, and finally a world government with the Pope – the man who claims to be the father of kings, governor of the world, and vicar of Christ – as the head.

While the lying legacy media portray America’s border crisis as if it, like Melchizedek, were without father or mother or genealogy, the parentage of America’s illegal alien migration disaster is very clearly known.  It is a creation of the Democrats generally, of the Biden Regime more particularly, and of the Vatican ultimately.    

But while the Vatican origins of the current immigration crisis are not hard to see, most Americans, even Reformed Christians who of all people should have the discernment to see the scam for what it is, fail to grasp what is being done to them and by whom it is being done.

The Antichrist Roman Church-State has been active on our southern border for years, decades really, promoting the destruction of America through mass Roman Catholic, welfare migration.  But in the past few years, Rome has stepped up its game.  Jesuit Pope Francis paid a visit to Juarez in January 2016, celebrating a mass that was simulcast in the Sun Bowl in El Paso.  Unsurprisingly, Francis used this occasion to promote his favorite nation-breaking ploy, mass welfare migration. 

The Wall Street Journal reporting on the Pope’s visit to Juarez noted, “While many are expected to cross the border to see the papal Mass at the nearby Juárez fairgrounds, some 600 ‘VIPs’ invited by the Roman Catholic Diocese of El Paso – migrants, labor advocates, nuns and immigration activists – will gather to watch the pope from a levee on the U.S. side.”

In another article on the same subject from February 9, 2016, The Wall Street Journal reported, “Pope Francis arrives in Mexico on Friday for a six-day visit that will end with a highly symbolic and potentially controversial act: the pontiff taking a stand on the fortified U.S. border to show solidarity with the migrants trying to cross it.”  The Journal even went so far as to refer to migration as, “the expected theme of the pope’s Juárez visit.”

With this in mind, is it any big surprise that seven years later El Paso is the epicenter of Antichrist’s illegal alien assault on America?

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It’s that time of year again.  The time when we say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new one with all its possibilities. 

In the first place, I would like to thank the Lord for his grace and strength in 2022.  The year was a challenging one for me personally, as I went through a period of unemployment.  But God was gracious to me, helping me to find a job with a good company.  And though things were a bit tight at some points, I always had the things I needed.  I’m reminded of what Jesus said in his Sermon on the Mount, “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things – food, clothing, etc. – shall be added unto you.”

I’m thankful also for another year of serving the Lord through blogging and podcasting.  2022 was my 14th year of writing Lux Lucet and it’s been a labor of love the whole time.  Ideas are powerful things, and ideas always come in the form of words.  There was a time when I was in the habit of saying “words cannot express” when talking about something that deeply affected me.  But many years ago, John Robbins disabused me of that notion.  In Genesis, we see that the worlds were framed by the word of God.  He spoke the universe into existence.  Christ himself is called God the Word.  There is nothing deeper than words.  There is nothing that cannot be expressed by them. To have the opportunity to work in the medium of words.  To write, to express ideas, to teach.  That is a high privilege.  It is also a great responsibility.  It is my prayer each time I write that the words I use may honor God and edify his people. 

War in Ukraine

In reviewing the year’s writing, I wrote 53 articles.  And the prize for my most popular article written in 2022 goes to “The Reformed Church’s Lost Doctrine of Antichrist” published on April 3, 2022.  The context of that piece was Pope Francis’ consecration of Russia and Ukraine “to the Immaculate Heart of Mary” on March 25, 2022.  One of the biggest stories of the year was when Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022.  And about a month later, there was Pope Francis dedicating Russia to “the Immaculate Heart of Mary.”  I didn’t catch the significance of this story the first time I hear it, but in the week leading up to the papal consecration, there was so much chatter in the media about it that I decided to investigate the matter further.  What I found was that the Pope’s decision was connected to the prophecies of Fatima from over a hundred years ago, in which the demon impersonation Mary promised that if the pope dedicated Russia to her immaculate heart, the nation would be freed from its errors and convert to Catholicism.  Catholic commentators were ecstatic at the consecration and at least some of them were optimistic that quick results would soon follow.  But here we are over nine months later, and the Pope’s consecration seems to have had precisely no effect.  The likely excuse for this among Catholic commentators is that the Pope didn’t do the consecration right.  At the time of the consecration, one prominent Catholic commentator, I think it was Taylor Marshall, mentioned his concern that Francis added “Ukraine” to his consecration rather than limiting it to “Russia,” as the demonic Fatima apparition instructed.

I thought at the time of writing that article, and still think today, that one of the major overlooked aspects of the war in Ukraine is the role of the Roman Catholic Church-State (RCCS).  Pope Frances has verbally come out in support of Ukraine on several occasions over the past year, and very clearly his consecrating Russia is a power play for the RCCS against its ancient rival, the Russian Orthodox Church, and against Eastern Orthodoxy more broadly.  It is the long-term goal of the RCCS to create a one-world religion and a one-world government.  Rome is the beating heart of New World Order globalism, and this shows very clearly in Ukraine, but most commentators either don’t notice or pretend as though they don’t. 

Then there’s the fact that the CIA has been egging on this war since at least 2014 when they overthrew the elected leader in Ukraine and installed a pro-Western regime.  The overthrow of Viktor Yanukovich in 2014 likely was precipitated by his announcement of a pro-Russia foreign policy for Ukraine in place of a pro-Western one.  It’s worth noting, too, that the CIA has historically had close ties to the Roman Catholic Church going all the way back to its predecessor organization, the OSS during World War II.  At that time, the OSS was headed by William “Wild Bill” Donovan, who was decorated “with the Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Sylvester, the oldest and most prestigious of papal knighthoods.”    

Keep an eye out for further papal intrigue in Ukraine.  As things stand, the RCCS has captured America’s federal government and seems fully intent on prosecuting a war in Ukraine in which no clear American interest is at stake.  Is the CIA carrying out its proxy war against Russia in connection with advancing the Vatican’s goals of subjugating Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church?  It seems likely to the author that this is the case. 

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Diocese of Brownsville Bishop Daniel Flores meets with Jesuit Antichrist Pope Francis during a Jan. 20, 2020, meeting with U.S. bishops from Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas during their “ad limina” visits to the Vatican. (Credit: CNS photo/Vatican Media)

“We are Republicans, and don’t propose to leave our party and identify ourselves with the party whose antecedents have been rum, Romanism, and rebellion.  We are loyal to our flag.”

  • Dr. Samuel D. Burchard

Because there are more important things going on.”  That was Joe Biden’s answer to a reporter who asked him why he wasn’t going to visit the border while he was in Arizona. 

It would be hard to find a single statement from this evil man that would better summarize his entire administration than this.  You may even say it’s his Marie Antoinette moment, the queen of France who is said to have responded “let them eat cake” when told the peasants had no bread.

As her statement was a callous dismissal of the suffering of the poor people of France, the very people for whom she had a responsibility as a member of France’s royal family, so too does Biden’s brusque comment to the reporter show his callous disregard for the suffering his irresponsible immigration policies have caused the American people and will cause them in the future.

Not a few times has this author heard Biden’s policies described as “a failure” by various media pundits.  For example, CNN ran a headline in October that reads “’Hail Mary after Hail Mary’: Biden administration struggles with border policy, fueling frustration.”  Center for Immigration Studies, a group that opposes the sort of mass immivasion that’s taking place on our southern border wrote a piece titled “Biden’s border policy may be 2021’s biggest failure.” Or take this article from the Washington Post, “’No end in sight” Inside the Biden administration’s failure to contain the border surge.” Many other such references can be found in the media, both from liberal as well as conservative sources.

But what if Biden’s border disaster is not a failure at all, but rather a roaring success?  Even before he took office, Biden and the Democrats generally signaled their intention to reverse the Trump administration’s border enforcement policies that had done a great deal to cut down on illegal immigration.  According to this article, on day one of his administration Biden signed seven, seven!, executive orders essentially gutting all the progress Trump had made on immigration during his four years in office.  Did Biden not know what he was doing?  Some people think he’s so senile that he was clueless.  I’m not so sure.  But whether it was Biden himself doing this or whether he was just carrying out the order of his handlers, whoever was responsible for these executive orders had to know full well that they would create chaos at our southern border and were willing to accept that chaos as the price of doing business.  Put differently, these policy changes, and the resulting massive influx of illegal aliens, were not bumbling mistakes on the part of the Biden regime, but the clear intention of the policymakers who drafted these executive orders and, in my opinion, of the president himself.

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Maura Healey of Massachusetts became one of two openly lesbian candidates to win a gubernatorial election on November 8, 2022.

The news was flying thick and fast last week.  So much so that I ended up with a superabundance of clipping from the week and had a hard time deciding what to cover.  Then I thought, well, why not cover ‘em all.  Or at least as many as I can.  So here we go.

Queering America One Vote at a Time

Largely lost in all the mid-term election day news is that America achieved a first on November 8th with the election of not one, but two openly lesbian governors.  CBS News reports that Maura Healey of Massachusetts and Tina Kotek of Oregon were elected as governors of their respective states.  Not only have these states delighted to impose the Monstrous Regiment on themselves, but to make matters worse, they have elected to impose a lesbian version of it.

Worth noting is the close logical and practical relationship between feminism and lesbianism.  Feminism is usually defined as the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the sexes.  It seems to me that the logical endpoint for this philosophy is the complete erasure of all distinctions between men and women.  And if there are no distinctions between men and women, then this lack of distinction logically extends not only to matters of politics and careers but to marriage.  Hence the calls for legalizing same-sex marriage.  It is not an accident that the homosexual movement, which traces its beginning to 1969, followed the rise of second-wave feminism, which began with the publication of Betty Friedan’s 1963 book, The Feminine Mystique.

One article on Second Wave Feminism summarized Friedan’s book by saying it, “criticized the postwar belief that a woman’s role was to marry and bear children.”  Now any Christian worth his salt knows full well that the idea that a woman’s role is to marry and bear children is not some strange and exceptional “postwar” belief but is the consistent message of the Scriptures themselves.  “And I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man…Nevertheless she will be saved in childbearing if they continue in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control,”  “that they [older women] admonish the young women to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, homemakers, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God may not be blasphemed.” 

There is perhaps nothing that will get feminists riled up faster than to quote these and other verses from the Bible.  But they express God’s mind on the subject and cannot be dismissed by Christians without pain of contradiction.  If we believe the Bible is the infallible and inerrant Word of God, we must accept this teaching, however much it may conflict with the prevailing ideas of the world.

The U.S. Senate has been hard at work to ensure that the Biblical definition of marriage as between one man and one woman will be buried as deeply as possible.  According to the Politico article “Same-sex marriage protections clear critical Senate hurdle,” 12 Republicans voted along with all Senate Democrats to advance this legislation.  Unsurprisingly, the 12 Republicans included Ohio Senator Rob Portman, who seems determined to do as much damage to America as he can before he retires in January. 

Per the article, the bill is to include protections for religious liberty.  “The bipartisan amendment clarifies that the bill would leave intact protections from a 1993 religious freedom law, which outlaws placing a substantial burden on people’s ability to exercise their religion.  In addition, it states that nonprofit religious groups would not have to perform marriage services and that the bill would not impact their tax treatment.” 

It’ll be interesting to see how long these legal protections last.  My view is that the LGBTQ lobby will not be satisfied until it has queered every last corner of society, including Christians and Christian institutions that have the temerity to refuse to bow before the almighty LGBTQ agenda. This likely will come in the form of legislation attempting to force churches, regardless of their theological convictions, to perform same-sex marriages or face having their tax exemption removed or something far worse. It also could encompass a prohibition of freely teaching what the Bible says about homosexuality by making it a hate crime.

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A group of migrants from Venezuela planned their next steps at the Downtown El Paso Greyhound station after they were released to the streets as part of an effort by the Border Patrol to control the population at its El Paso Central Processing Center. The men gave their consent to be photographed. (Cindy Ramirez/El Paso Matters)

Is it not lawful for me to do what I wish with my own things?

  • Matthew 20:15

A few weeks back, I received a text message from Tim Shaughnessy, a friend and Reformed brother who lives in El Paso Texas, about an emergency with a church he pastors.  El Paso sits in the far west of Texas, right across the US-Mexico border from the large Mexican city of Juarez.  The Rio Grande forms the border between both cities and both countries.  Knowing El Paso’s location, and if you follow the news at all, you won’t be surprised when you hear what the emergency was. 

Tim’s church had been meeting at the Rescue Mission of El Paso, and the chaplain of the mission called up Tim on a Saturday and told him that his church would not be able to use the mission’s building for services on Sunday.  The city had been dropping off migrants at the mission and the entire facility was packed with people and full of cots.  Given the vast scale of the current flood of illegal aliens pouring across America’s southern border, doubtless the loss suffered by Tim’s church could be multiplied many times over.   

The current immigration disaster started with the inauguration of America’s second Roman Catholic president, Joe Biden, in January 2021 and shows no signs of letting up.  Indeed, by some reports, the flood of illegal aliens, far from subsiding, is getting worse.

Since I mentioned El Paso earlier, let’s look at a few immigration-related headlines from just this one Texas city.

These stories all paint a picture of one American city being overwhelmed by illegal aliens with little hope of relief. Indeed, migrant numbers historically are higher as we move into fall and cooler weather comes to the region making passage safer for those seeking to enter the United States illegally.  As Tim said in his message to me, “Our city is overwhelmed right now.” 

That, one could say, is an understatement.

But while America is being overwhelmed with a flood of illegal aliens, it’s important to keep in mind that this flood is not some force of nature, but the result of deliberate policies put in place by the current president and his government.  On his first day in office, Joe Biden signed an executive order pausing the construction of the border wall.  And this was not the only action taken by the president and by other Democratic government officials across the nation to make it easier for migrants illegally to cross America’s southern border, to make it harder to deport them, and indeed, even to reward them once in the United States. 

To give you some idea of how Biden has encouraged illegal immigration to America, a quote from the article “The Border Crisis Comes to a Once-Quite part of West Texas” will suffice.  In this piece, journalist Todd Bensman interviewed a “human smuggling guide” whose name was given as Jose Antonio.  Antonio referred to Biden’s immigration policies as la invitación, the invitation. 

Indeed, one would have a hard time coming up with a better name than la invitación to describe the immigration policies of Joe Biden in particular and the Democrats in general.  To show just how committed the Democrats are as a party to forcing American taxpayers to support illegal aliens, consider the response of the field of democratic presidential candidates in 2019 to a show of hands question about whether their health plan would cover “undocumented immigrants” – the proper term for “undocumented immigrants” is “illegal aliens.”  The response of all ten of the Democrats present was to raise their hands “yes.”  You can see the video here.

There is no provision in the Constitution, the Supreme Court’s ruling notwithstanding, for the federal government to fund anyone’s “health plan,” not even health plans for the American people.  And if it is unconstitutional, and more to the point, immoral for the federal government to use tax dollars to pay Americans’ doctor bills, how much more is it unconstitutional and immoral for the federal government to use tax dollars taken from the American people to pay medical bills for foreigners who have violated America’s immigration laws?

So, ask yourself this question:  If you tell people to go ahead and break America’s immigration laws and we’ll reward you with fabulous cash and prizes, do you think you will get more immigration law-breaking or less immigration law-breaking? If you said, “more immigration law-breaking,” go to the head of the class.    

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Vatican City, though small in size, has a worldwide footprint.

It’s been a while since I wrote an installment of Rome Watch, a series of posts designed to highlight the anti-Christian political beliefs and activities of the Roman Catholic Church-State. 

I titled this one “Grab Bag” due to it being a collection of short pieces all with the central theme of Rome’s ongoing attack on political and economic liberty throughout the world. 

Let The Eat Bugs!

Marie Antoinette is famously quoted as saying “Let them eat cake!”  This saying is often held up as a model of aristocratic arrogance directed against the poor.  But while Marie Antoinette is long gone, her spirit marches on.  The 21st century variant on her famous saying seems to be “Let them eat bugs.”  And it should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention that Pope Francis has joined in on the chorus of voices calling for all of us to “reimagine” our eating habits.   

And while Pope Francis didn’t come right out and tell his audience at the EU Youth Conference to eat bugs, he did lecture them to eat less meat

But the Pope’s message was right in line with the World Economic Forum (WEF) that famously put out a video a few years ago saying that by 2030 “You’ll own nothing and be happy.” While I’m entirely sure the Bond villain types that made up the WEF certainly would like it if ordinary people owned nothing by 2030, I’m not sure they’re going to get there. And if they do, of a truth none of us will be happy. 

But what’s often overlooked in that same video is at the 0:34 mark we are told by our “betters” that we’ll eat much less meat.  Further, we are lectured, it meat will be “an occasional treat,” kind of like when you give your dog a bone.  This will be “for the good of the environment and our health.” 

Interesting that the Pope, in his letter to the attendees of the EU Youth Forum, made this same argument.  He wrote, “it would be appropriate to consume less meat:  this too can help save the environment.”

So, what’s the connection to eating bugs?  It’s this.  This WEF has long pushed eating bugs as a solution to what it sees as an environmental problem caused by too many people.  To solve this “problem,” the WEF believes we all must eat less meat and more bugs.  Just take a look at the 2021 WEF video titled “Insects could soon be appearing on restaurant menus in Europe.”

Klaus Schwab really, really wants you to eat the bugs to save the planet.  So does the Pope, but he’s not honest enough to come out and say so.

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Pope Francis consecrates the world and, in particular, Ukraine and Russia to a demon posing as Mary, the mother of Jesus during a Lenten penance service in St. Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican March 25, 2022. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)

There was a time in my Christian walk that eschatology, that is, the study of the doctrine of end times, didn’t seem all that important.  There were a lot of competing ideas about end times in the popular Christian press, but none of the popular ones that I saw made much of an impact on me.  None of them struck me as compelling.

But the longer I’ve been a Christian, the more I’ve come to appreciate the importance of having a sound understanding of eschatology.

Take the doctrine of the identity of Antichrist.  Although many Presbyterians and members of other Reformed churches may be surprised to hear this, the original version of the Westminster Confession of Faith had a very well-developed statement on Antichrist, leaving no one in doubt as to the identity of this person. 

It was the Pope of Rome.

Westminster Confession of Faith 25.6 originally read,

There is no other Head of the Church but the Lord Jesus Christ: nor can the Pope of Rome, in any sense be head thereof; but is that Antichrist, that man of sin and son of perdition, that exalteth himself in the Church against Christ, and all that is called God.

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Reformation Day Livestream with Timothy Kauffman: The Sands of Rome


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