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U.S. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto is seen Monday. The Democrat defeated Adam Laxalt, a Trump-backed Republican and former Nevada attorney general. The win means Democrats retain the U.S. Senate.
Gregory Bull/AP

I will wipe Jerusalem as one wipes a dish, wiping it and turning it upside down.

  • II Kings 21:13

Last week’s post was “The 2022 Midterms: A Preview.”  This week, we take a look back on the election that was.

No Red Wave

After a lot of hype about a big Republican showing in the Mid Terms, the results were less than overwhelming.  It appears that the GOP will retake the House, so that’s something.  But the Senate will remain in the Democrats’ hands.  Further, none of the Covid lockdown governors were removed, as Gretchen Whitmer and Kathy Hochul both held on to their seats in Michigan and New York respectively.  It appears as if voters in those and other states said, in effect, “lock us down harder next time!”  A friend of mine relative to the result in Michigan commented, “Those people get what they deserve.” 

If it was an honest vote, I couldn’t argue with that.  Of course, there’s the district possibility that it was not an honest vote.  But more on that below. 

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I know, I know. I’m a little late with the post this week. But just to prove to you I’m not a complete choke artist, I thought I jot down a few thoughts on the news this past week, even if I come in a little short.

Election Rigging, Say It Ain’t So

The biggest story this week has to be the fallout from Donald Trump’s debate comments. His suggestion that the presidential election might be subject to, shall we say, a certain amount of skullduggery by his esteemed opponents was bad enough.

But his refusal to promise to accept the results of an election that has yet to take place? Well, that was enough to send the entire political establishment into a fit of apoplectic rage.

Sounding the part of the good socialist schoolmarm she is, the Evil Pantsuit (EP) immediately took to scolding Trump for his stance on the election results, saying, “Well Chris, let me respond to that because that’s horrifying. You know, every time Donald thinks things aren’t going in his direction, he claims whatever it is, is rigged against him.”

The mainstream media was quick to pick up where the EP left off. The AP reported Trump was, “Threatening to upend a basic pillar of American democracy.”

President Obama commented there’s, “no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even rig America’s elections.”

The local rag (aka The Cincinnati Enquirer) ran an editorial Friday denouncing Trump’s comments. The paper opines, ” Donald Trump’s claims of a rigged presidential election aren’t only unprecedented and irresponsible. They are dangerous.” Trump, it is claimed, is doing his utmost to “undermine our democracy (sic)” and “Faith in the election system is one of it’s cornerstones.”

To all the above I say nonsense.

Given the massive dishonesty surrounding nearly every aspect of the EP’s campaign, it is entirely reasonable to think the fix is in when it comes to the 2016 election.

What are we to think when the former Secretary of State obviously committed multiple felonies in her mishandling of classified information is not charged but that the fix is in? What are we to think when the husband of said former Secretary of State meets in secret with the Attorney General days before the FBI refuses to recommend charges but that the fix is in?

Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign from her post as head of the DNC due to Wikileaks reports that she had been complicit in rigging the primaries for the EP against Bernie Sanders. Is this not rigging? And if the powers that be will rig the primaries, is it unreasonable to assume they will attempt to rig the general election?

And for what it’s worth, the EP’s campaign hired Debbie Wasserman-Schultz right after her resignation. Nothing suspicious here. Move along, folks.

Wikileaks also has revealed that current DNC chair Donna Brazil obtained the exact wording of a proposed town hall question “and possibly shared it with the Clinton campaign.” But why would anyone be so foolish as to think the presidential election might be rigged.

In this writer’s opinion, given the circumstances surrounding this campaign Trump is absolutely right to raise the specter of a rigged election. Doing so puts the riggers on notice and energizes his base.

And just for good measure, we can’t let the EP off the hook without pointing out her own hypocrisy when it comes to questioning election results. For in 2002, Hillary told a fund-raiser crowd in Lost Angeles that George W. Bush was “selected, not elected” president.

When it comes to refusing to accept election results, apparently it’s all a matter of whose ox is being gored.

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