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Nancy Peolsi wants to study reparations.

Do the Democrats want to start a race war?

That, by the way, is a serious question. And it’s not at all clear to me that the answer is no.

So why do I bring this up now? In short, it seems to be the hip, new DNC talking point.

Oh, it’s not that the idea of reparations haven’t been floated before. Talk of that sort has been around since I was a kid. Over the past few years I’ve heard more talk about it, but it never seemed all that serious. And what with everything else in the world falling apart, well, there are only so many hours in a day, one has to pick and choose his battles.

That said, I was listening to a podcast with David Knight earlier today, and he spent a good deal of time talking about reparations and how talk of reparations was being taken seriously among Democrats.

Being the curious sort, I did a quick search and found out, lo and behold, that calls for reparations have indeed become a thing among top Democrats. What was once the province of fringe radicals is now a talking point of the Speaker of the House.

And they say Trump is divisive?

You could hardly come up with a more divisive, more destructive policy than reparations for slavery. According to The Hill, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) has a resolution with 35 co-sponsors and Nancy Peolosi has gone on record as supporting the study of the issue.

If you were to accuse Pelosi of supporting reparations for slavery, doubtless she would protest by saying that she only called for a study of the issue and has not come out in support of reparations.

But really, she kinda has.

You see, there are some issues that a responsible politician should never entertain.

Reparations for slavery is one of them.

Apart from the moral, practical and, probably, Constitutional issues involved with the suggestion, there’s the little problem that the idea, by its very nature, is designed to pit one American against another.

But then, maybe that’s the whole idea. Maybe the Dems really want to create racial animosity among Americans.

Maybe they see getting blacks and whites stirred up so they’re at one another’s’ throats as a winning strategy for 2020. Forget about the runaway debt. Forget about the predatory Federal Reserve. Forget about the endless foreign wars. Forget about the creeping surveillance state. Opening old wounds, that’s what we really need to focus on to move this nation forward!

Not to be outdone, Elizabeth Warren says that reparations for Native Americans should be part of the conversation.

Yeah, that’s going to be a fun talk. I can hardly wait.

But why stop there? After all, there’s an almost limitless number of potential aggrieved minority groups who could lay claim to victim status. But for some reason, I think the Dem political strategists have already thought of that one. Why, they could keep the whole racket going for years!

Marianne Williamson, who announced her presidential candidacy – I admit I have no idea who Marianne Williamson is, nor do I care to find out – even put a price tag on her reparations program, calling for $100B.

The odd thing is, she didn’t say specifically who would pay. According to the article in Ebony, she said the United States needs to pay. Well, the United States is in no position to pay anyone. It’s the citizens of the United States who pay. Apparently, Ms. Williamson isn’t honest enough to say what she really means, which is that she thinks white Americans owe blacks.

These women are disgraceful. Anyone who pits, or even so much as hints that they wish to study pitting, Americans against one another to score political points has no business being anywhere near the levers of power.

What’s interesting is that while this monstrous regiment of liberal women score cheap political points with their reparations talk, no one in the press ever dares call them divisive.

Apparently laying the groundwork for a race war is their little way of bringing everyone together.


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