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Migrants carry their belongings to a bus after being told to leave New York’s Watson Hotel in New York City.

There weren’t any huge immigration stories in the news last week, but there were several interesting smaller ones.  Let’s take a look at them.

The Land of Freebies…and Discontent

It’s the land of the freebies for NYC’s ‘entitled’ migrants” was the headline in the New York Post on Jan. 31st.  The essence of the story by Michael Goodwin was right in the first two paragraphs.

You can say this for the migrants demanding more free stuff from City Hall: They’re fast learners about the new American ethos of endless entitlement.

Schooled and led by far-left activists, they arrive here within days of illegally crossing the southern border and claiming asylum, then start agitating for better accommodations in pricey neighborhoods. 

The only thing I would add to Goodwin’s statement is that this is simply the umpty-umpth example of Roman Catholic immigration/economic/political theory in action.  Get ‘em in, keep ‘em in, put ‘em on the dole.  That’s Rome’s game plan for “Romanizing America through Illegal Immigration.”  

Note what Goodwin says about “demanding more free stuff from City Hall.”  Whenever Rome starts in with one of its sentimental sob stories about standing in solidarity with asylum seekers and migrants of one sort or another and talking about a nation’s “obligation to accommodate migrant flows,” what they mean is that you have an obligation to fork over your hard-earned money to support people who trash your city and protest they’re not getting enough free stuff from you. 

This in no way, shape, or form is Christian charity.  Christian charity is about giving one’s own goods.  Rome, on the other hand, traffics in stolen virtue.  The Pope, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, etc. all love to talk about humane they are while spending your money to support demanding people who have contempt both for you and your home country., people who are taught by these same bishops, cardinals, and popes that they are entitled to your goods.   

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