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Roy MooreAs the social justice jihad on Alabama Senatorial candidate Judge Roy Moore builds to its predictable ear splitting crescendo, it seemed goo to me to take some time to analyze at least some of the arguments that have been brought against him by “progressive” left.

I’ve been clipping online articles on the whole Roy Moore dustup at a furious pace over the past few days. But even at that, I’m sure that there are plenty of relevant posts yet unread and unclipped by me. So all I can say is a “thank you, thank you” to the fine folks at http://www.al.com who posted a wonderful article (sarcasm alert) on their website that, so far as I can tell, managed to take just about every whackadoo, SJW argument against Roy Moore and distill them into a single post. No small feat, that.

The post to which I refer is titled Ministers sign letter saying Roy Moore ‘not fit for office’. The article begins by noting, “A group of 59 progressive Christian ministers, more than half from mainline Protestant denominations, signed a letter released today calling U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore ‘not fit for office.’ ” For my part, I consider any sentence containing the words “progressive,” “Christian,” and “mainline Protestant” to be a sort of trigger warning to alert me that what’s coming is almost certainly going to be a lot of touchy-feely, social just warriory nonsense. As it turns out, I was neither surprised nor disappointed by the collective wisdom on display.


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