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Over 1,000 migrants surrendered to Border Patrol in late March in El Paso, Texas, after cartels spread social media rumors that migrants would be allowed to stay in the US. USBP

“And I will stretch over Jerusalem the line of Samaria, and the plummet of the house of Ahab: and I will wipe Jerusalem as a man wipeth a dish, wiping it, and turning it upside down.”

  • 2 Kings 21:13.

I haven’t written about immigration for a little while, but not because the Biden Regime’s treasonous, Vatican-directed destruction hasn’t been proceeding apace.  Perhaps I’ve been a bit distracted.  At any rate, if the immigration stories over the past few days are true, and I have every reason to believe they are, Biden’s border treason is about to go next level.

Per the New York Post, “Biden all but admits we’ll see even worse border chaos in May.”  Why will it be worse?  The Vaticanite Biden Regime will be removing one of the remaining legal barriers to a complete overrun of our southern border by illegal alien welfare invaders, the Title 42 restrictions.  Title 42 is a code that has been in place for decades, but which the Trump administration used to remove bogus asylum seekers on the argument that they posed a public health risk during the Covid emergency. 

Of course, we’re glad the Covid emergency is ending.  It should never have been declared in the first place.  But Title 42 has been effective in keeping the Biden Regime’s border invasion less disastrous than it otherwise would have been. According to this piece from PBS, “Since 2020, there have been more than 2 million expulsions of migrants by U.S. Customs and Border Protection at the southern border using Title 42.”   

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