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Two authoritarians of a feather. One’s already been convoyed. The other is scared to death of getting the same.

Were you to ask me what Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, and Jay Powell all have in common; I would answer you this: a belief in their own unaccountable power.

In his book Lex Rex (Latin for The Law is King), Samuel Rutherford set forth the Christian idea that governors, as well as the governed, alike were both under the law. 

Throughout most of human history, it was the exact opposite.  Rather than the law being king, it was Rex Lex, the king is the law. Put differently, The law is what the king says it is, and he himself is above it.

The notion that the law – and we mean by “the law” the law of God – is king and not man is a thoroughly Biblical and Christian idea.  It is not an accident that Protestant Samuel Rutherford set forth this idea in a book instead of some Roman Catholic scholar.  The idea that both the ruler and the ruled stand under the law and are responsible to God is a concept that was rediscovered at the time of the Reformation in implemented in those nations to which the Reformation came.

Those of us who live in the West, as badly decomposed as it is, have enjoyed the privilege of living under a system of government that acknowledged this principle.  As recently as two years ago, one could still think of this great idea as operable.  But beginning in 2020, Western governments initiated a coup détat of sorts, replacing the Protestant idea that the law is king with a technocratic tyranny in which unaccountable bureaucrats and puppetized elected officials rule us like kings. 

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