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The Biden administration announced a plan to fight antisemitism. Credit…Tom Brenner for The New York Times

It’s truly surprising how much Western governments hate their own people.

It sounds strange to say it. But it’s true almost without exception.

The Canadian government hates Canadians. The British government hates the British. Just as Germany’s government holds its own people in contempt.  France likewise. 

America is no exception to this rule.  The Democrats have expressed their hatred of the American people and in particular the historic core population of this nation, white Protestants, for as long as I can remember. But it’s not just Democrats.  Much of the conservative and Republican establishment couldn’t wait to denounce their own voters during the George Floyd riots in the summer of 2020. 

From my observation, Hungary’s Calvinist Prime Minister Viktor Orban is the only exception to this rule.  As he wrote in a tweet in March of this year, “We respect and help the Ukrainians. There is one thing we won’t do: to put their interests ahead of ours. As Prime Minister of Hungary, I am responsible for the Hungarian nation. Therefore we will always put Hungary first! This is my moral compass.”        

If only America had a government that defended the interests of Americans the same way!  Instead, we have a government that actively hates the historic core population of America.  Stolen elections have consequences.  Having a government that hates and fears its own people is one of those consequences.

Indeed, we have Joe Biden who clearly hates a significant part, perhaps even a majority, of the American people. In this regard, he’s merely picking up where Barak Obama, who spoke of small-town Americans bitterly clinging to their guns and religion, and Hillary Clinton, of the notorious “basket of deplorables” comment, left off.   

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“Looks Like He Made it While Waiting for a Table at the Cracker Barrel.” That was Jimmy Kimmel’s arrogant comment about Tucker Carlson’s video from which this image was taken.

Defenestration.  It’s an interesting word.  One that gets your attention. 

Literally, it means the act of throwing someone out of a window – for a Biblical example, think of Queen Jezebel. A more recent example is known in history as the Second Defenestration of Prague which took place in 1618 and is cited as a spark that set off the Thirty Years’ War. 

When used today, defenestration is commonly meant in a figurative sense.  That is the sudden or violent removal of someone from his position.  And it is in the metaphorical sense that I use the term in this instance. 

I confess I found Carlson’s work to be a breath of fresh air compared to the normal diet of talking points from network new programs.  He was, in my opinion, the only mainstream TV personality that was worth watching.  Any number of times I found myself watching his show in amazement at what he was talking about.  Not, mind you, that I was amazed at the content so much as I was that someone on a major network was actually saying it. 

On any given night, you could hear Carlson talking about replacement migration, the plight of men in modern America, opposing the war in Ukraine, defending the January 6th “insurrectionists,” criticizing the Federal Reserve’s practice of money printing, raising questions about the “most secure election in American history,” questioning the COVID cult including its most sacred mRNA gene therapy “vaccine” sacrament, skewering Critical Race Theory, and lambasting the LGBTQ agenda.  At this best, watching Carlson was like watching an independent YouTuber or reading a blog.  It was as close to an anti-corporate, anti-mainstream journalistic experience as I have seen in corporate-controlled media. 

Over the past week since the cancellation of Carlson’s show, there has been no end to the theories about why his popular program was canceled.  One article titled “5 Theories That Are Swirling Around The Internet About Why Fox News Fired Tucker Carlson” does a nice job summarizing the more popular theories making the rounds of the internet. 

For my part, I think there are two closely related reasons for his removal.  First, Carlson had the audacity to speak up for ordinary, white Americans and defend them from elites out to do them harm.  Second, this is part of the establishment plan to rig the 2024 presidential election for Joe Biden or whomever they plan to install in the White House next year.

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