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“TAMMANY HALL is simply the political organization of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, with a Bishop Hughes or a Cardinal McCloskey or Archbishop Corrigan at its head and a Fernando Wood, a William Tweed, or a John Kelly for his fugleman [mouthpiece, author].  The proper name for it is JESUIT HALL.  By this name it should be called, and by none other; for name and nature should correspond, so that when the one is called the other should be understood, and that would help to guide both the mind and the action of the American people.” 

I hope that paragraph got your attention.  It’s a quote from a book that I just received titled Romanism and Politics:  Tammany Hall The Stronghold of Rome by Joseph Hartwell.  Published in 1887 in New York City, this book is representative of an entire body of literature produced in the 19th century by American Christian authors warning their fellow Americans about the dangers of what some of them called “political Romanism.”  Their warnings were largely ignored; today, most of these authors and their works have been largely forgotten.  But here in 2023, with an openly Romanist presidential administration and a government largely committed to furthering the policies of political and economic Romanism, it is imperative for Christians to read and understand the warnings of these authors, both to understand the source of the dangerous and tyrannical doctrines being implemented all around us in place of the liberties guaranteed to us in our Constitution and to effectively fight back against them. For fight back we must. 

Just consider the disastrous situation on our southern border.  One doesn’t need to do a deep statistical dive to know that what’s going on – with millions of illegal aliens flooding across our southern border as a direct result of the policies of the Biden Regime – is unsustainable and represents an existential threat to the United States as a nation.  That this is being done deliberately as a matter of policy should shock every American and prompt him to ask, in whose service is this being done.  Certainly, it’s not in the service of the American people.  But someone wants this to happen and wants it to happen badly enough to open wide the welfare immigration spigots even though most Americans don’t want this to happen. 

There are, in my opinion, a number of different interests promoting our current disastrous immigration policy.  But the leader of the group is the Roman Catholic Church-State (RCCS), and in particular its lobbying wing in America, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB).  Working principally through the Democrat party, the USCCB has been able to effect changes in American immigration law that advantage it and the globalist goals of the RCCS to the harm of the American nation.  Yet while the Biden Regime works 24/7 to implement the Antichrist RCCS’s immigration policies, almost no one seems to understand that these policies are, in fact, the immigration policies of the Vatican. 

One can find video after video, article after article, showing massive lawlessness on our border and decrying the woeful situation.  But these reports never talk about where the policies that are the source of this disaster come from.  They come straight from the Vatican.  That is, their source is the Antichrist system of Rome.  But you will never learn this from watching the new reports. 

This is where reading 19th-century Christian authors, authors who lived and wrote at the time of the inception of political and economic Romanism in the United States, can be helpful.  One such author is Joseph Hartwell, a Protestant minister and author of the book that is the subject of this week’s post, and likely those of the next few weeks.    

It has long been the opinion of this author that growing socialism in the United States is substantially the work of the RCCS.  After watching the obviously fraudulent 2020 presidential election, one that saw the ouster of a nominally Presbyterian president and the installation of the Roman Catholic Joe Biden, it seemed even more important than before to establish the link between the manifestly evil policies of the Democrats and the work of the RCCS in America.  My working idea has been this:  the theft of the 2020 presidential election was just a scaled-up version of the 19th-century thug politics of Tammany Hall and other big city, Roman Catholic-controlled Democrat political machines. But while the fraud – election and otherwise – of Tammany Hall mainly affected those unfortunate enough to live in New York City, the thug politics as practiced by the Democrats in the 21st century harms all Americans.

Yet as is the case with the disaster on our southern border, while there are many good articles detailing the election fraud in 2020 and 2022, the source of that fraud, namely, the Antichrist RCCS working through the Democrats, is never discussed.  Truly, Rome has done a masterful job hiding its evil activities from the eyes of the public, even from Christians who otherwise should be alert to the evils of Rome.  It seems as if in 2023, even the elect are blind to the ravages of Antichrist being conducted right under their noses. 

This is why it’s critical for Christians to read and understand the warnings of 19th-century authors such as Joseph Harwell, who lived when political Romanism was just beginning to be felt in America and had the liberty and courage to speak out against it.  It is this author’s hope that this post will be the first of many posts covering these forgotten authors.  I suppose that this will be a years-long process, perhaps one ending in the publication of a book on the subject.  One certainly is needed.  Lord willing, it is my goal to produce such a book.  Now with that said, let’s begin our look at Hartwell’s piece.

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