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Anyone who’s followed the financial news over the past two years knows, or at least should know, that we’re in the middle of an ongoing debt crisis caused by too much government spending.  For generations Americans have looked to government – federal, state and local -to supply their needs in everything from baby food to education to retirement.  This is a form of idolatry, statolatry to be exact.  It represents a sinful rejection of God’s providencial care for man within the framework of limited government, the rule of law, private property and free market economics, and seeks to replace these with a false belief in man’s wisdom to work all things together for good.  The creed of the statolatrist runs something like this, “the state shall supply all my needs according to its riches in others’ money.” 

But unfortunately for those who like to live off the dole, the government gravy train is coming to an end, and all the bailouts in the world won’t stop it.  As the saying goes, it’s all over but the screaming.  Politicians love to play kick the can, but our debt burdens are getting to the point where this won’t be possible much longer. 

According to some financial pros, municipal bonds are likely to reach a crisis point sometime in the next year.  And muni bonds are the safe stuff.  The widows and orphans stuff.  The boring to the point that it puts you to sleep stuff.  And if this stuff goes south, which it very well could, interesting times aren’t far off.

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It’s official now.  Ron Paul has been appointed chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee, the one that oversees the Fed.  Banksters everywhere better get ready for a good old fashioned grillin’, Texas style. 

 This should be fun watch.

The folks over at LewRockwell.com are pretty happy about this turn of events too, which seems rather odd to me considering the website has spent a great deal of time and energy over the past several years encouraging people not to vote.  By the Rockwellites’ own standards it would seem more logical to condemn Ron Paul as a statist tyrant rather than laud him as a hero of liberty.

At any rate, we can be glad that the good people of Texas’ 14th Congressional District have better sense than to take their understanding of civics from anarchist libertarian types.

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Noah’s Park

Quick, somebody call Clarence Darrow!  The fundy hicks are at it again!  Ok, maybe the headlines and stories in the leading Kentucky papers weren’t quite that blatant, but they were pretty close.  The cause of this consternation?  A proposed theme park named Ark Encounter.  It seems that a group in Commonwealth, which is owned in part by Answers in Genesis, wants to construct a theme park based on the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark, a park that will include, among other things, a full-scale replica of the famous craft. 

This is all just too much for leading Bluegrass State intellectuals who are still reeling from the “embarrassment” of the recently opened Creation Museum and the election of Rand Paul to the US Senate.  Here’s a sample of what’s been written,

But these incentives could have been awarded without Gov. Steve Beshear’s public embrace of an expansion of the Creation Museum – a project rooted in outright opposition to science.    Hostility to science, knowledge and education does little to attract the kind of employers that will provide good-paying jobs with a future. – Lexington Herald Leader 12/3/2010

Creationism is a nonsensical notion that the Earth is less than 6,000 years old.  No serious scientist upholds this view.  –  Louisville Courier Journal 12/2/2010 

[T]he proposed creationism park reinforces unfortunate stereotypes of Kentucky and Kentuckians.  – Louisville Courier Journal 12/5/2010

Now it’s not surprising that the newspaper types would be embarrassed by Noah’s Ark.  We’ve come to expect this sort of thing.    But what I find interesting about battles of this sort is how liberal types, who in general have utter disdain for constitutional, limited government, suddenly get their Thomas Jefferson on when they feel Evangelicals are horning in on their turf.  Why the nerve of those fundies! Don’t they know that tax breaks are the exclusive domain of atheists?

For my part, I hope Ark Encounter is a smashing success.  Maybe they can even invite Bruce Waltke to the ribbon cutting.

For further reading click here, here, here, here, here, and here.

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Wiki World

Though I haven’t followed it all that closely, the past few months have made it hard to ignore the WikiLeaks tiff.  I mean, stories about how Muammar Gaddafi travels everywhere with a voluptuous blonde Ukrainian nurse and loves flamenco dancing do have a way of grabbing your attention.  Inquiring minds want to know these things. 

Of course, the masters of the universe are none too happy about the whole situation.  Their problem isn’t so much the comical stuff about Gaddafi, but the release of information they claim undermines the security of the US and her allies has them in a tizzy.  In fact, about the only thing as ubiquitous as WikiLeaks revelations has been the establishment’s freak-out denunciation of them.   Consider the following,

Whoever in our government leaked that information is guilty of treason, and I think anything less than execution is too kind a penalty.  – Mike Huckabee

Let’s be clear.  This disclosure is not just an attack on America – it’s an attack on the international community.  – Hillary Clinton

To the extent that anyone is breaking US law…they will be held accountable.  – Eric Holder

WikiLeaks committed a “treasonous act” and Congress should prod Obama to use “all necessary means to respond and defeat WikiLeaks.”  – Sarah Palin

Hell hath no fury like a Baptist minster scorned.  

For my part, I find this all a bit much.  You see, the big government types screaming for Julian Assange’s head on a silver platter for his perfidious exposure of the Federal Government’s dirty little spy secrets often are the same folks who believe that every facet of Americans’ lives should be naked and open to the eyes of Uncle Sam, whether in the name of the war on terror, the war on drugs or the war on whatever it is they happen to be offended by today.  The authoritarians on the left and right can dish out warrantless wiretaps all day long, and that’s well and good.  But let the unwashed ignoramuses in flyover country learn the truth about their masters’ skullduggery and it’s the end of the world as we know it. 


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Today I received the plenary session recordings I had ordered from the recently concluded ETS conference.  These are the sessions in which NT Wright defended and Thomas Schreiner and Frank Thielman attacked the NPP.  Lord willing, I plan to listen to and comment on these sessions over the next several weeks.  I’d like to say I’m looking forward to hearing Schreiner and Thielman take on Wright, but from the comments I’ve seen from around the internet, I don’t hold out a lot of hope the Schreiner and Theilman gave Wright the good old fashioned smack down he deserved. 

Meanwhile, if you entertain any doubt that Wright’s a certified one hundred percent theological crank, flaming whack job, false brother, and damnable heretic, who has no business teaching so much as an afternoon Bible study let alone appearing as plenary speaker at ETS (and yes, I realize this is disrespectful, but Wright richly deserves every bit of it and more), the following quote should help put that to rest,

If we use the language of the law court, it makes no sense whatever to say that the judge imputes, imparts, bequeaths, conveys or otherwise transfers his righteousness to either the plaintiff or the defendant.  Righteousness is not an object, a substance or a gas which can be passed across the courtroom.  For the judge to be righteous does not mean that the court has found in his favour.  For the plaintiff or defendant to be righteous does not mean that he or she has tried the case properly or impartially.  To imagine the defendant some how receiving the judge’s righteousness is simply a category mistake.  That is not how the language works.  What Saint Paul Really Said, p.98 

What NT Wright really says amounts to a direct assault on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, for Paul tells us that, “Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures.” And, among other things, according to the Scriptures means Christ’s righteousness is imputed to those who call on his name.  Wright may find this a baffling  “category mistake” or, as he says elsewhere, “a cold piece of business, almost a trick of thought performed by a God who is logical and correct but hardly one we would want to worship” (Wright like many contemporary heretics hates logic as much as he hates God), but while imputation leaves a bad taste in his mouth, it’s the way God justifies sinners, for as Isaiah writes, “by His stripes we are healed.” And that, Dr. Wright, is imputation, no matter how much you denigrate, dispute, downplay, deny or otherwise despise it.

More to follow.

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Who’s Afraid of Ron Paul?

There was a time in my more naive days when I believed the nonsense about how all the problems in the country were the fault of liberal Democrats. I know better now. After the miserable showing of the Republican Congress from 1994 – 2008, I could be forgiven for not being overwhelmed at the prospect of a Republican House majority in the next Congress. But one thing that definitely does excite me is the prospect of Ron Paul becoming Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. This is the congressional committee to which the Ben Bernanke reports as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. The notion of Bernanke reporting to a committee chaired by Ron Paul has the establishment folks excited too, although freaked out may be a better way of putting it.

Let the show begin.

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