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As I considered what I’d like to blog in 2012, it seemed good to me to attempt something specifically Scripturalist and go about it in a systematic fashion. While I’ve read through a lot of Clark and Robbins, I haven’t done so in a way that is a thorough as I would like it to be. The main reason for this, as is often the case with amateur scholars, is lack of time. I’d love to have the time to start at the beginning of the book list John Robbins outlined in his essay A Guide for Young Christians and read right through it. Unfortunately for this not so young Christian, the demands of life make this a daunting task.

But while this coming year will likely not afford me the opportunity to read and write as much as I would like, Lord willing I hope to do at least one thing well. And if I’m going to have to pick my spots for reading and writing in 2012, those spots ought to be focused on something central. Gordon Clark’s A Christian View of Men and Things fits this bill quite well. My plan will be to blog through this important work, a book that serves as a concise outline of Clark’s philosophy, Scripturalism. Not that Clark uses the term Scripturalism in the book – that word was later coined by John Robbins – but the idea of Scripturalism is present throughout the work: the Bible alone is the Word of God written and has a monopoly on truth.

It is my intention to finish this study before the end of 2012. My prayer and hope is that it will help sharpen my own understanding of Scripturalism, prove helpful to those who are new to Clark and also serve as a point of discussion for those who already familiar with Clark and his writings.

May the Lord bless and keep you, both now and throughout the New Year.

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